Wednesday, 20 January 2010

ATM (A Troubling Message)

Yesterday morning on my way to buy some ingredients to make leek and potato soup I decided to check my bank balance for the first time in ages. I stared at the screen and was unsure I understood what it was telling me. DR - doesn't that mean overdrawn? I was trying to work out if DR could stand for "in credit" but after about five minutes of looking in puzzlement at the screen I decided that I was probably living in denial. I should have had £500 in my account from the deposit from my house in London but somehow I had managed to spend that and then withdraw over £80 that didn't belong to me.

I stood there with my empty trolley in the Asda car park gazing into space trying to work out what could have happened. There is no way I could have spent £500 in a week, is there? I wondered if perhaps someone might have stolen my pin number - I'm always so blasé when typing it in so I don't offend the stranger behind me by not trusting them. I'd purchased a few things online over Christmas - perhaps security had been compromised. I've never trusted internet shopping.

And then it dawned on me. I'd only gone and forgotten to cancel my standing order and unintentionally paid the rent for a room I'm no longer living in. What planet am I living on?!

The ironic thing is I've had trouble with landlords in the past who've done everything they can not to give my deposit back. Once it got to the point where I had to get the bailiffs involved. When that didn't work I took the law into my own hands and hunted the bastard down until he gave me the money. But I've never had any trouble with this landlady. She is so lovely and gave my deposit back with no qualms even though I'd not stayed for the contracted 6 months. And here I was effectively giving my deposit straight back. What a dim wit.

I called her apologising and she said she'd send me a cheque. As she gave me £3 when our washing machine broke so I could use the laundry, sent me a "Merry Christmas" text on Christmas Day and gave my deposit back with no hassle the first time round I'm optimistic that she'll send the cheque.

And if she doesn't she'll get a visit from Bailiff Branco.

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