Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Blog Has Come Out of the Void-of-Inspiration Induced Coma...

...I think.

I am disgusted to see I've not written anything on here since March!! Where on earth have I been?! Who knows but gosh darn it I intend to get back on track whether the posts be poo or not...

I've vaguely been writing stuff but never getting anywhere near finishing anything believing it's not worth reading. But I really think I should just write whatever, at least once a week (the writing something every day thing lasted long didn't it?! haha) until inspiration comes a knocking.

I've seen there's new background templates to play with so that's something I'll be doing shortly as I'm annoyed everytime I see the indecipherable red text on the toilet blocker picture.

A post from last month which I failed to finish and put up here is to follow...

Be gentle, I'm still half asleep from the seven month coma. Raildog, thanks for your concern :)

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